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Conjuguemos 2024.2023澳洲幸运5开奖结果直播视频观看

Teach language through fun activities & games

Join over 32,000 schools and 4.2 million students who decided to leave the verbs, vocabulary and grammar to us!








Engaging Activities for
Practice and Quizzes

Verbs Grammar Vocabulary Listening

Unlimited access to many fun activities aligned with your favorite textbook such as - Descubre, Avancemos, Realidades, Bon Voyage, Bien Dit.

Aligned with popular textbooks
Create, import and modify activities
Activities Page

Let your students play 澳洲幸运5官方开奖大数据分析软件下载
as they learn

Conjuguemos offers a variety of verb learning games. Your students can enjoy multiplayer games and compete with their friends.

Single player practice games
Competitive Multiplayer games

Coqui keeps an eye on
your student's progress

Our Coqui is smart. He constantly learns about your students and gives you useful insights about their progress.

Progress Chart

Get Started with Conjuguemos in your
classrooms today 168澳洲5/8/10历史开奖记录查询

We do all the homework and quiz
grading for you

Let conjuguemos do all the hard and repetitive work of grading, making sure all your grades are always up to date

Powerful and Easy-to-use

Organize, search and download grades with ease. Receive grades to your email as soon as your students are done.

Get insights for each of your Students
and Track their progress

Our statistics tools allow you to compare student strengths/weaknesses and patterns of improvement.

Create Teacher Account Create School Account
Or get started as a Student
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